International Day of Peasants' Struggle


Samstag 17 April 2021

von 00:01 bis 23:59

Empfohlen von

Alina Jurth

At the 1996 World Food Summit La Via Campesina put words to its vision to oppose the destructive capitalist industrial model that is causing hunger, inequality, and the climate crisis by defining “food sovereignty”. Since its launch 25 years ago in Rome, food sovereignty has had far-reaching implications on public policies, picked up by many organizations and institutions. This year, we celebrate 25 years of building food sovereignty. It is indeed an opportunity to give visibility to all successes and achievements. But more than that it is a moment to re-strengthen our collective efforts to obtain the realization of food sovereignty during the upcoming 25 years.

This #17April2021, we call all our members, allies and friends to highlight a dimension of food sovereignty that reflects the reality of the local context. Again, around #17April2021, we call especially for concrete actions of solidarity with all peoples experiencing violent repression and criminalisation of their struggles today- we will propose a global candle vigil solidarity action around April 17. Let’s show the world that solidarity is our strength.

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